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Mynaric Finalizes $28M Optical Link Deal with SpaceLink 

By Rachel Jewett | August 12, 2021

      The Mynaric CONDOR flight terminal provides backbone inter-satellite connectivity in LEO. Photo: Mynaric

      Mynaric has finalized its deal with SpaceLink for Optical Inter-Satellite Link (OISL) terminals at up to $28 million, the company announced Thursday. The agreement was previously announced in May of this year, but the deal now includes potential follow-up orders and further collaboration between the two companies. Mynaric expects to ship SpaceLink’s first units during the first quarter of 2023. 

      SpaceLink is working to build a data relay network with satellites in Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO), connected by inter-satellite links. This network will aim to provide secure, continuous, high-capacity communications between Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) spacecraft and the ground. Earlier this week, SpaceLink announced a collaboration with Blue Marble Communications to accelerate the development of advanced optical terminals.

      “The final details of this agreement are just the beginning of a strategic partnership designed to bring fast, highly secure and continuous communications between spacecraft and the ground. Our industrialized approach to production will allow us to meet the expanded needs as SpaceLink’s constellation grows,” said Tina Ghataore, president of Mynaric USA and CCO of Mynaric.

      Mynaric is also expected to provide SpaceLink Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Optical Communication Terminals (OCT) for SpaceLink’s customers. These terminals will interface with the SpaceLink MEO data relay service.