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Iridium to use S3 Group Single-Conversion Radio Transceivers

By Caleb Henry | May 22, 2015
      Iridium NEXT SNOC

      Iridium’s Satellite Network Operating Center (SNOC). Photo: Iridium

      [Via Satellite 05-22-2015] S3 Group has released a fully integrated, single conversion radio transceiver for use in Iridium satellite communications devices, handsets, transceivers and modems. The device enables Iridium to reduce form factor, power consumption, cost and time to market, and gives greater flexibility in embedding the Iridium data modems into products for Value Added Manufacturers (VAMs) and Resellers (VARs).

      This Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) is designed for use in Iridium’s current L-band satellite system, as well as the upcoming Iridium Next network. The RFIC includes a Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) algorithm that allows for greater flexibility in the choice of external critical components in the system.