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Protecting the Space Economy: Cyber Defenses and National Security

By Jeffrey Hill | October 2, 2023

      Most of us understand the damage caused by cyberattacks on Earth. In space, the consequences of cyberattacks are even more dire. They can sabotage years of economic activity, threaten national security and the lives of astronauts and in-space personnel, and spark uncontrollable military action in an already dangerous environment. In this episode, we’ll learn about how modern approaches to cyber and national security change when dealing with complex in-space infrastructure, and protecting human activity in space. 

      This episode is part of the On Orbit Future Space Economy webcast series. In Part 1 of this discussion, we discuss the legal framework and policies needed to protect the Future Space Economy. Part 2 of the discussion will focus on the software, tools, and technological solutions needed to protect space networks.

      This discussion includes John Moberly, senior vice president of Space at SpiderOak. Moberly leads SpiderOak’s pivot to space leveraging the company’s zero trust and cybersecurity foundational capabilities. Prior to SpiderOak, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, from which he retired after 20 years. 

      Joining Moberly is Jonathan Swanson, director of Security Strategy for Krebs Stamos Group. Swanson is an ISC2 CISSP certified professional with over a decade of expertise in cyber security strategy and risk management. 

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