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On Orbit’s Future Space Economy Series: Business Models in Space

By Jeffrey Hill | March 6, 2023

      In this webcast in the Future Space Economy series, NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Business Operations Casey Swails is joined by speakers from Voyager Space, Spaceflight, Loft Orbital, and BCG for a discussion about how private businesses, industries, civil space agencies, government organizations, and commercial space companies form strategic partnerships and collaborate with each other to accomplish a mission.

      Host Jeffrey Hill kicks off the discussion by asking how existing commercial space industry business models work. For example: How do customers engage with launch services? How are satellites procured? How can an organization access space without having to build their own satellite or buy their own rocket? The group also takes a look at the International Space Station (ISS) as an example of a space-based economic hub involving a variety of business models and partnerships.  

      Learn more about the Future Space Economy series, generously sponsored by SpiderOakSidus Space, and Kepler Communications.

      Please note: There are minor audio issues throughout the podcast related to speaker microphones captured during the livestream.

      Listen Here: