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On Orbit’s Future Space Economy Series: The Next Giant Leap

By Jeffrey Hill | December 19, 2022

      This is the very first episode of the On Orbit Podcast’s new “Future Space Economy” educational series – designed to educate audiences about the opportunities, challenges, risks, and rewards of expanding economic activity off-world. This webcast series will highlight specific activities in space, ranging from healthcare, research, mining, tourism, and energy.

      In this debut episode, titled “The Next “Giant Leap” – How Industry, Technology, and People Move Off Earth to Create a New Economy in Space,” On Orbit host Jeffrey Hill is joined by: Dr. Alison Perez, Ventures Investment & Portfolio Manager, Lockheed Martin Ventures; Carolyn Belle, Director, Advanced Systems, Astroscale; Matt O’Connell, Operating Partner, DCVC; and John Moberly Sr. Vice President of Space, SpiderOak to discuss why we should be investing the infrastructure needed to expand the modern economy into space. This includes building new spaceports on Earth, space stations in orbit, and transportation corridors to the moon.

      To accomplish this goal, the space industry must first convince private industry, policymakers, and the general public that they will benefit from this investment. Why bring the global economy into space? What is the short- and long-term vision for the space economy? How will this be managed? How will interests be protected in space? This webcast is the “101” session to get you started on the long journey toward the answers.

      On Orbit’s Future Space Economy Webcast is generously sponsored by SpiderOak, Sidus Space, and Kepler Communications

      Listen Here: