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Changing Lives with Affordable Internet Access

By | January 19, 2020

Connecting the Unconnected Part 2

Identifying affordable options to connect to the internet remains a challenge for billions across the globe. In urban areas, internet connectivity is usually provided by a high-speed cable or fiber direct to each home or business. However, a single-user-per-terminal model is not economically justifiable in areas unserved or underserved by terrestrial access.

This is due to two primary obstacles to building out infrastructure for expanding broadband Internet access. First, capital costs of terrestrial fixed or wireless networks are directly proportional to distance. Second, the typical business model for deploying broadband to communities with a lower median income base ultimately equates to an unaffordable service as subscription revenue has to exceed the expansion investments.  

In our second episode in the series “Connecting the Unconnected,” we’re joined by Wilson Azevedo, Hughes Network Systems’ Wifi Product Manager in Brazil, John Holguin, a Hughes Application Engineer in Colombia, and Hughes’ Senior Director of International Networks, Vinay Patel for a deeper dive on satellite-enabled community Wi-Fi solutions and how they are creating affordable internet access in South America and around the world.

Vinay, Wilson, and John will examine the challenges and benefits to bringing remote communities online, the various models for community Wi-Fi, share stories/testimonials from communities and discuss the role Facebook is playing to expand access.

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