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Anuvu Rolls Out Starlink Reseller Packages 

By Rachel Jewett | January 17, 2023

Photo: Starlink via Anuvu

Satellite service provider Anuvu is rolling out Starlink maritime packages as an authorized Starlink reseller. Anuvu said it is focused on giving maritime customers an easy acquisition process. While maritime customers can buy directly from SpaceX’s Starlink business, Anuvu offers multiple payment options, simplified billing, and it will ship to regions Starlink does not ship to. 

Similar to Starlink’s maritime service pricing, Anuvu is offering $2,500 per antenna and $5,000 per month service. Starlink’s Maritime public pricing mandates two antennas for an upfront $5,000 cost. It seems like Starlink has dropped the cost, when it was first announced it was billed as $10,000 for two antennas. 

Anuvu has four different levels of customer support plans from $179 per year to $1,199 per year. The company will install equipment and integrate Starlink service into customers’ existing networks for an additional cost. 

“Before entering the Starlink resale business, we wanted to guarantee the most seamless, affordable, obligation-free experience for maritime customers and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” said Erik Carlsen, senior vice president of, Maritime, Energy & Government at Anuvu. “Customers who buy Starlink from Anuvu get our expertise and customer support without any strings attached. For maritime operators adopting a LEO solution, there’s no simpler path than ours to acquire Starlink.”

Anuvu has been supporting customers’ Starlink installations in the cruise, energy, and yacht verticals since Starlink expanded its offerings to the maritime industry in July 2022. In October, Anuvu introduced a crew portal for the energy industry tailored to support Starlink service.