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SES Reports 150% Increase in Skala Global Platform Data Use

By | January 21, 2022

SES said the doubling of connected sites and connectivity services for the Skala Global Platform is mainly driven by commercial maritime players. Photo: SES

SES reports strong growth in managed data services as customers use its Skala Global Platform. The company announced Jan. 19 that the number of sites and connectivity services utilizing the platform has more than doubled year-on-year as an increasing number of global service providers have utilized SES’s managed connectivity services delivered via the platform.

This consistent growth has resulted in a doubling of data consumed annually over the past two years and a 150% increase in the number of connected sites annually. Launched in 2019, the SES Skala Global Platform is an advanced ground system designed to enable high-quality managed data services anywhere in the world.

Customers include Satcom Global and CSTel in the commercial maritime segment who have been using the platform throughout the pandemic to  support crew welfare and critical ship-to-shore communication, while implementing cost-saving operational technologies onboard vessels. SES said that other companies such as Orange, Crosslynx, Marine VSAT, Axess Networks Solutions and Zener Marine all have also signed up to Skala, as they look to serve their yacht, merchant and fishing customers.

“Skala is delivering frictionless connectivity services to our partners, enabling them to continue to maintain the welfare of their crews and trade efficiently during these very challenging times. Nothing pleases us more than to hear how our continuous network enhancement, the additions to our coverage and the service-level agreements are delivering new methods of value creation,” Simon Gatty Saunt, vice president of Networks Sales, Europe at SES said in a statement.