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FMC GlobalSat 1st to Deploy Kymeta Antenna Onboard Sportsfishing Yacht

By | March 20, 2019
Kymeta's flat-panel antenna with Mtenna technology

Kymeta’s flat-panel antenna with Mtenna technology. Photo: Kymeta

FMC GlobalSat deployed the world’s first use of the Kymeta software-steered satellite antenna aboard a sportfishing yacht, delivering satellite and wireless network access through its 4G/LTSAT service. Through this solution, the S.Y. Bad Daddy vessel, a 76-foot Spencer, has global access to FMC GlobalSat’s 4G/LTSAT converged communications platform to receive network connectivity in port and at sea.

The solution aboard the S.Y. Bad Daddy leverages a Kymeta Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) flat panel antenna integrated with FMC GlobalSat’s portfolio of satellite and 4G wireless services.

“Our success revolves around rigorous planning that incorporates information on weather, water conditions and currents, which helps us plan the most productive route for our outings,” said S.Y. Bad Daddy’s captain Jason Walcott. “Prior to the use of the FMC GlobalSat converged 4G/LTSAT technology, we had no option other than relying on data that we received the night before. This technology, including both instant internet access and FMC GlobalSat customer applications, completely changes the way we operate. We now have constant access to crucial information that will enable us to locate the best fishing spots, avoid adverse weather, and deliver a much better overall fishing experience.”