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Flyht Aerospace, Spectralux Release Upgraded Satellite Air Navigation System

By | September 14, 2018
Flyht Aerospace, Spectralux Release New Satellite Air Navigation System

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Flyht Aerospace Solutions has partnered with Spectralux to create a streamlined, Iridium satellite-powered air navigation system upgrade option for airlines flying over over the world’s oceanic regions. To create the solution, Flyht integrated its Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) 228S component with Spectralux’s Envoy Future Air Navigation System (FANS) Data Link Unit (DLU).

Air navigation systems help maintain safety, lessen pilot workload, and allow airlines to fly preferred more direct routes which can result in fuel savings. The combined Flyht and Spectralux offering caters to a range of aircraft, including older fleets due to its provides compliance with satellite-based voice and data capabilities. With Satcom voice and data, AFIRS aims to enable airlines to fly in airspace where VHF communications are not available.

“Airlines looking for a FANS solution will appreciate having a low-cost alternative to an OEM service bulletin. When installed together, operators gain VHF data radio capabilities through the DLU, and the AFIRS 228S’ Satcom voice and data capabilities. We are pleased that our TSO 159B AFIRS Satcom unit is fully interoperable with Spectralux’s DLU,” Flyht Vice President of Business Development Steve Newell said in a statement.