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Marlink Meets Burgeoning Bandwidth Demand with Partner, Nautical

By | June 21, 2018

Aerial View of Port Stanley, Image Credit: Tom L-C/Wikipedia

Marlink is boosting satellite capacity in the Indian Ocean and around the Falkland Islands with specific focus on delivering high bandwidth Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services to commercial fishing vessels via its Sealink network. The new capacity is improving vessel and fleet operations and providing greater access to voice calling and internet for crews on a number of Spanish tuna vessels in the Indian Ocean that are serviced by Marlink’s partner, Nautical. Extra bandwidth around the Falkland Islands has been put in place to meet a predicted spike in demand as more companies look for new fishing grounds.

The services delivered by Marlink’s partners, like Nautical, enable the company to deliver connectivity to fishing fleets and to improve operational efficiency and safety, while providing all-important crew communication facilities. The company is focused on meeting regional demand, as illustrated by the recent coverage extensions implemented to serve key fishing grounds and the proximity of partners to their respective national fisheries.