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Nelco to Use Telesat LEO to Provide Satellite Connectivity in India 

By Rachel Jewett | September 30, 2020
Photo: Telesat.

Photo: Telesat.

Indian satellite service provider Nelco has reached an agreement to offer Telesat’s Telesat LEO satellite connectivity in India. Nelco and Telesat announced Wednesday they will collaborate on terrestrial facilities, commercial distribution, and regulatory frameworks for Telesat LEO service in India. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

The Canadian operator is working on its constellation of satellites in Low-Earth Orbit to provide affordable, high speed internet everywhere. Telesat has plans for 300 satellites, and aims to place 78 in orbit in 2022, and 220 more in 2023. Telesat plans for the LEO constellation to provide complete coverage of India. 

Nelco said the Telesat LEO Network has the potential to provide significant benefits in areas like 4G/5G backhaul, mobile hotspots, distance education, telemedicine, village connectivity, as well as maritime and In-Flight Connectivity (IFC). The company plans to serve new market segments and requirements for high-bandwidth, low latency applications with Telesat LEO connectivity. 

“Considering the huge potential for satcom services growth in the country in the coming years, we are continuously exploring the latest satellite technologies to bring better value to our customers and expand the market. We believe that our partnership with Telesat will help in bringing LEO satellites into the country, which has the potential to revolutionise connectivity in the future,” commented nelco CEO P J Nath.