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Satellite Vu Orders Second Thermal Imaging Satellite from SSTL 

By Rachel Jewett | July 22, 2022

      Example of a thermal image. Photo: Satellite Vu

      Satellite Vu has commissioned a second satellite from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) to grow its thermal imaging collection capacity. 

      The U.K. satellite startup is working to build a constellation that can collect thermal data to measure the energy efficiency of buildings, and monitor fire spread prediction and water pollution to combat climate change. CEO Anthony Baker said the company ordered a second satellite because there is market demand for this type of solutions.

      The second mid wave infra-red (MWIR) thermal imaging satellite is a clone of the first satellite, which SSTL built through a contract signed in 2021. That satellite is set for a future SpaceX launch. The second satellite is expected to be launched in early 2024

      “Environmental issues are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, from governments to businesses to consumers, as we collectively recognize the urgency of creating a green and sustainable future for all,” Baker commented. “To create this future, we urgently need verifiable data sets to measure our progress and provide comparable metrics, therefore our satellites are set to revolutionize climate change by tackling energy wastage and connecting governments and businesses with the necessary data to reduce their carbon emissions.”

      This order comes after Satellite Vu recently completed funding via the UKSA National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP). The company also closed the second round of its Series A funding in March.