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Arkisys and Precious Payload Partner to Enable Hosted Payload Launches 

By Mark Holmes | November 16, 2022

Rendering of the Arkisys port. Photo: Arkisys

Arkisys is teaming up with Precious Payload to make launching payloads in Low-Earth Orbit more accessible. The companies announced Nov. 15 that Precious Payload will market upcoming hosted payload slots on Arkisys’ Port, a new orbital business platform in development. The companies said this collaboration will smooth the onboarding process for customers.

Precious Payload has developed Launch.ctrl, an online marketplace for satellite operators looking for a launch and related services. Arkisys is building the first long-duration space platform in a planned architecture to robotically enable space ports to provide multiple capabilities and services for a global customer base in space.

“Precious Payload took the lead in the online marketplace for satellite launches and related services, and we’re very excited to partner with them to market our hosted payload slots. Distributed on Launch.ctrl platform, a satellite launch marketplace for payload developers, our solution will reach more companies that can test hardware in early stages, helping to achieve their initial business goals and accelerate innovation in next generation space, globally,” David Barnhart, CEO and co-founder of Arkisys, said in a statement.