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Planet Extends its Digital Farming Contract with Germany’s BASF

By Jeffrey Hill | May 21, 2024

Photo: Shutterstock

German smart agriculture company BASF Digital Farming GmbH will expand the scope of its existing contract with Planet Labs in order to access more data from Planet’s Crop Biomass Planetary Variable analysis feed. In an announcement published Tuesday, BASF Digital Farming said it will increase its use of Planet’s satellite data products to power its own “Xarvio” digital farming products and services.

Planet, which currently operates the world’s largest constellation of Earth observation imaging satellites, signed its initial agreement with BASF in December 2018 and began providing data to support BASF’s Xarvio service in early 2019. Financial details of the partnership and the recent partnership expansion were not disclosed.

Planet also said that with the demand for food supply steadily increasing, more companies like BASF are looking to move towards more sustainable and efficient farming solutions.

“We are in a critical time for sustainable agriculture. High-cadence satellite data can provide revolutionary solutions to advance precision farming, yield estimation, and seed selection,” Planet Co-Founder and CEO Will Marshall said in the announcement. “By expanding this strategic partnership with BASF, a global leader in the digital farming industry, we look forward to powering novel and effective tools to enable growers to get the best crop yields in the most sustainable and efficient ways.”