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Wyvern Signs With Loft Orbital to Expand its Hyperspectral Constellation 

By Rachel Jewett | September 5, 2023
      Rendering of the Airbus' Arrow platform, used on OneWeb satellites. (Photo by Airbus)

      Rendering of the Airbus’ Arrow platform, used on OneWeb satellites. (Photo by Airbus)

      Hyperspectral startup Wyvern is working with Loft Orbital to expand its Dragonette satellite constellation, booking a slot on an upcoming Loft Orbital mission. 

      Wyvern will be a part of a mission on Loft’s upcoming second-generation satellite platform, derived from the OneWeb satellite bus. Wyvern said this will add capacity to its existing Dragonette hyperspectral satellite constellation, and the satellite supports 20 to 100 times the downlink volume of a traditional cubesat. 

      Wyvern currently has two satellites in space, Dragonette-001 and Dragonette-002, which were launched on SpaceX’s Transporter 7 and 8 rideshare missions, respectively. The company offers hyperspectral imagery spatial resolution of 5.3 meters and highlights the value of its data for forestry, mining, agriculture, and defense. 

      Loft Orbital is a space as a service company that flies customer payloads onboard regularly scheduled missions. It procures satellite buses and its payload hub offers on-board processing for customer payloads. 

      “Like Wyvern, Loft is unlocking the power of space for data collection with a deep understanding of how to develop, manage, launch, and operate the satellites that make up their infrastructure. This gives us seamless access to on-orbit satellites that gather the hyperspectral data our customers need,” Wyvern said in a statement.