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Loft Orbital Procures 15 More Satellite Buses from Airbus OneWeb Satellites

By Rachel Jewett | April 7, 2023
OneWeb Satellites' New Production facility in Florida. Photo: OneWeb, Airbus

OneWeb Satellites’ Production facility in Florida. Photo: OneWeb, Airbus

Loft Orbital has procured a second batch of 15 satellites from Airbus OneWeb Satellites, for the bus platform based on the OneWeb satellites. Loft Orbital announced the deal April 6, saying that it sold out of the first batch ordered in January 2022

Loft Orbital has now ordered more than 30 buses from Airbus OneWeb Satellites. 

The buses will be built on the same production line as OneWeb satellites in Florida. However, Loft Orbital stated, its “Longbow” buses have some design and configuration improvements to support longer mission lifetimes and a wider range of applications, including optical missions with very high stability requirements.

Loft Orbital provides space infrastructure as a service, flying customer payloads on regularly scheduled satellites missions. The company orders flight-proven bus designs in bulk to have in inventory to quickly deploy customer missions. It also orders buses from manufacturer Leostella.