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Sidus Space to Provide Maritime Monitoring Services to Yacht Designer Capital C

By Rachel Jewett | November 22, 2022

Via Satellite archive photo.

Sidus Space has signed an MoU with yacht design company Capital C for access to its Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites for maritime monitoring purposes. Capital C is developing a line of sustainable passenger expedition yachts called Project Terra 

As part of the agreement, Sidus will assist in developing and delivering surveillance and tracking systems with software that utilizes satellite imagery, sensor data, and data delivery. Sidus will provide continued access to LEO satellite communications systems to Capital C. In addition, Sidus will also design and manufacture specialized marine parts as a preferred vendor.

Sidus said its planned LizzieSat constellation will be able to provide monitoring services including monitoring piracy, changes in ocean currents, debris, and oil spillage, with imagery and radio frequency (RF) sensors. LizzieSat is a multi-mission constellation designed to support a number of customers, including weather intelligence company Mission Space, which Sidus recently signed a deal with

“Sidus’ expertise in satellite communications and space-rated engineering and manufacturing will be a key component of our sustainable approach to design and build of our sustainable notation yachts. As part of the development of Project Terra, it is our commitment to providing better communication and data solutions within small island developing states and the emerging market,” said Cindy Devina, founder and managing director of Capital C.