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Mission Space Partners with Sidus Space to Collect Space Weather Data 

By Rachel Jewett | October 26, 2022

Photo: Mission Space

Mission Space signed an MoU with Sidus Space to partner on space weather intelligence data collection. Luxembourg-based startup Mission space is working to monitor space weather. It will deploy its space weather detectors via the Sidus Space LizzieSat satellite. 

“We look forward to integrating our technology into Sidus Space’s LizzieSat so that we can utilize our LEO-based space weather data collecting infrastructure to analyze, quantify and help mitigate the effects of solar storms,” Ksenia Moskalenko, CEO and co-founder of Mission Space said in a Wednesday announcement. 

Sidus Space offers a variety of space services including hardware manufacturing; assembly, integration, and testing; engineering support. It is now developing the LizzieSat constellation, a multi-mission constellation to support custom payloads and missions. The upcoming LizzieSat will be deployed off the International Space Station (ISS), and support NASA’s Astra program and blockchain company Mission Helios.

Sidus Space said the Mission Space deal supports its strategic growth plan to sell data gathered in space. “Weather intelligence data creates a potential revenue stream while supporting our mission of bringing space down to Earth by making useful data and analytics available to a variety of customers,” Sidus Space founder Carol Craig commented.