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BlackSky On-Demand Supports Remote Intelligence During Pandemic

By | April 22, 2020

Satellite imagery of Port Hedland in Australia. Photo: BlackSky

BlackSky has responded to the remote work situation that many are experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic by releasing the Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle, which intelligence analyst can use to securely share unclassified information from home. BlackSky CTO Scott Herman said in a Wednesday blog that the company’s global monitoring capabilities are already playing a crucial role in supporting the redistributed workforces of U.S. agencies.

Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle offers global activity monitoring using open and commercial monitoring sources; satellite imagery; and automated tipping and cueing in a secure online environment. 

Herman said that as intelligence work is normally done in secure facilities with exotic surveillance sources, the pandemic raises the question of: “Who’s watching the world if the watchmen are all isolated in their basements?” The Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle is the company’s response to that challenge. 

“BlackSky’s Global Monitoring solutions can provide intelligence organizations with a worthy surrogate set of tools and analysis to keep the stay-at-home workforce effective in watching the world,” Herman said. “We are ensuring our tools are also available at home and via the internet; an awesome contingency for analysts forced to work offsite.”