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Nuview Acquires Astræa to Execute Global Data Superhighway Strategy

By Abbey Weltman | February 20, 2024


A LiDAR image of Chicago. Photo: USGS via NuView

A LiDAR image of Chicago. Photo: USGS via NuView

Earth observation and geospatial technology company Nuview, acquired software service platform Astræa Tuesday. Nuview plans to use Astræa’s AI-driven distribution and analysis tools to develop a high-throughput Earth observation data channel to distribute data to Nuview’s partners and customers. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Nuview is building a satellite constellation to collect commercial Light Detection and Ranging technology (LiDAR) data that will be used for defense, climate initiatives, telecommunications, agriculture, energy and national mapping initiatives. With Astræa’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Nuview intends to integrate AI, machine learning, and cloud computing technologies to process the data its Earth observation technology collects. This is part of the company’s strategy to provide satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. 

“At Nuview, we believe that working with our partner network to put analytics ready data directly in the hands of the user, is the best way forward when it comes to solving critical global issues like climate resiliency and disaster mitigation. Our acquisition of Astræa provides us with the tools to immediately realize our vision. Together, we are creating a digital expressway for Earth observation data and insights,” said Clint Graumann, CEO and co-founder of Nuview.

Nuview has secured secured $1.2 billion in early adopter agreements, and actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is among the company’s investors, according to a June 2023 announcement. DiCaprio joined a consortium of investors financing Nuviews’s effort to build the first commercial LiDAR constellation. The company aims to map the Earth’s entire land surface in real 3D on an annual basis.