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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in NUVIEW’s LiDAR Satellite Constellation

By Jeffrey Hill | June 5, 2023

      Actor Leonardo DiCaprio (Wikimedia Commons)

      Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio joined a consortium of investors participating in Florida-based Earth observation company NUVIEW’s latest financing round, the company announced Monday.

      The consortium, which includes DiCaprio, MaC Venture Capital, Broom Ventures, Cortado, Florida Funders, Industrious, Liquid2, and Veto Capital, is financing NUVIEW’s effort to build the world’s first commercial LiDAR light detection and ranging satellite constellation. Once launched, the system aims to map the Earth’s entire land surface in real 3D on an annual basis. NUVIEW said it has already secured $1.2 billion in early adopter agreements from commercial companies and government entities.

      “NUVIEW’s cutting-edge technology will set itself apart by generating high-resolution, 3D images of the Earth’s surface, intending to improve our ability to monitor and protect the planet with much more accuracy,” DiCaprio said in a statement. “This unprecedented dataset will help enable scientists, policymakers, and conservationists to make more informed decisions and uncover valuable new insights in climate science.”

      NUVIEW’s LiDAR systems are designed to generate centimeter-level accurate representations of the Earth, allowing for applications to support national mapping initiatives, NGOs, commercial enterprises, researchers, governments, and organizations focused on addressing natural disasters, climate change and promoting sustainable development.

      “We are thrilled to have Mr. DiCaprio’s support and other environmental advocates onboard that share our NUVIEW values to address global environmental challenges,” said Clint Graumann, CEO and Co-Founder of NUVIEW. “Our space-based LiDAR technology can revolutionize how we monitor Earth’s resources and ecosystems, providing us with the data necessary to make informed decisions and implement effective solutions. NUVIEW is committed to ensuring that our premier technology contributes to a more sustainable future for our planet.”