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Globalstar Taps Former AT&T Exec Dave Haight for IoT role

By Mark Holmes | March 9, 2022
    A view of Globalstar offices. Photo credit: Globalstar

    A view of Globalstar offices. Photo credit: Globalstar

    Globalstar has appointed former AT&T Exec Dave Haight to be its new vice president of IoT, the company announced March. 8. Haight joins Globalstar after working on developing the IoT business at AT&T as well as other companies. Haight served as vice president of business development for AT&T’s Mobility Emerging Devices Organization, where he initiated and grew the organization into AT&T’s current IoT business. This appointment aims to further solidify Globalstar’s commitment to expansion within the IoT industry.

    In Haight’s role at AT&T, he launched devices and connectivity solutions in key market segments, including automotive, tracking systems, and healthcare. He was also previously responsible for national distribution business development for AT&T’s wireless and wired products and under his leadership, AT&T added more than 30,000 points of distribution, in both retail and digital.

    “Globalstar’s satellite network offers significant available capacity and adds value to the IoT industry by empowering connectivity solutions and expanding use cases that are not realized today – capability that will soon include two-way IoT devices. We plan to develop unique enterprise partnerships with large-scale VARs, system integrators, carriers and others looking to extend their business models with satellite connectivity utilizing low power and small form factor devices, leveraging mid-frequency spectrum across borders,” Haight said in a statement.

    This appointment comes after Globalstar purchased 17 new satellites from MDA in order to replenish and extend the life of its existing SPOT Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation. Globalstar said the $327 million will serve the needs of an unnamed “potential customer.”

    “Dave brings deep industry knowledge and extensive relationships across the sector. We view Globalstar as having four pillars of value: the legacy satellite business which includes Duplex and SPOT services, commercial IoT, our arrangement with a potential customer discussed in our regulatory filings, and terrestrial spectrum. We are confident that Dave will help us drive the commercial IoT pillar to great success,” said Dave Kagan, Globalstar CEO.