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Eutelsat Makes LEO Inroads in Australia and New Zealand With Sat One

By Mark Holmes | March 26, 2024

Photo: Sat One

Eutelsat is bringing the OneWeb constellation to more customers in Australia and New Zealand. It is targeting Australia’s northern and southern regions, maritime services in Australian waters, and commercial services in New Zealand with its latest deal. The company has announced a multi-year, multi-million-dollar agreement with Sat One, a satellite service provider to bring connectivity services to remote customers in these regions. The deal was announced March. 26.

With Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO now operational in Australia and New Zealand, Sat One has begun providing services to enterprises, including mine sites, and remote communities as well as maritime customers. The activation of land-based services here follows the launch last month of Eutelsat OneWeb LEO backhaul in Australia by the Australian telecom operator, Telstra.

“Our agreement with Eutelsat OneWeb enables us to lead the market in providing enterprise grade, resilient, high-speed, low-latency LEO services that stand up to the harsh outback, the wet tropics, and New Zealand’s freezing conditions, as well as the demanding marine environments. We’re ensuring that enterprises remain connected and competitive no matter how remote or challenging their operations. Sat One is the One company that customers turn to for enterprise LEO,” Daniel Fairbairn, CEO of Sat One, said in a statement.