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Hanwha to Systems to Distribute OneWeb LEO Capacity in Korea 

By Rachel Jewett | December 4, 2023
A visualization of OneWeb's constellation. Photo: OneWeb

A visualization of OneWeb’s constellation. Photo: OneWeb

Hanwha Systems signed a distribution partnership agreement with Eutelsat OneWeb to offer Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity services in South Korea. Hanwha Systems will take the lead to obtain approval for landing rights in Korea, the company said in a Nov. 29 announcement. 

The Korean defense tech firm said it is looking to participate in a Korean commercial LEO satellite-based communication system, using the OneWeb satellite network. According to Korean media, the government is investing $360 million by 2030 for its own LEO satellite network.

Hanwha Systems plans to install satellite terminals in remote areas and for maritime and aviation use cases. 

“The space internet service promoted by Hanwha Systems provides uninterrupted and smooth communication in emergency situations such as islands and mountainous regions with poor infrastructure, disasters, and times of war, and its usability value shines. We expect that construction of the government Low-Orbit communication network, which is being promoted as a priority project, will be completed as early as the end of next year before government roll out,” commented Song Seong-chan, director of Hanwha Systems’ Space Research Institute. 

Hanwha Systems is an investor in OneWeb and related company Hanwha Phasor recently signed a user terminal agreement to build terminals for OneWeb.  The company announced plans for its own LEO constellation in 2021, but the OneWeb announcement did not give an update on the company’s own plans in LEO.