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Telus Satellite-to-Cell Trial Concludes in Canada

By Mark Holmes | November 2, 2023

Satellite-to-cell graphic. Photo illustration: Via Satellite

Telus, TerreStar Solutions and Skylo have conducted a successful trial to bring direct satellite connectivity to customers in Canada. The three companies announced details of the trial in Canada on Nov. 1. The trial paves the way to eliminate no-coverage zones and providing ubiquitous connectivity across Canada.

In the trial, satellite connectivity was used to conduct voice calls, and in partnership with Skylo, send text messages between smartphones, and connect to IoT devices. As chipset manufacturers look to equip the next generation of smartphones with 5G satellite capabilities, Telus is exploring these solutions with hopes of introducing these devices to customers in 2024.

Telus has high hopes for the technology. The benefits of using satellite technology can meaning ensuring customers in remote areas, such as hikers or campers, have mobile access no matter where they are. The technology can also provide backup connectivity so that emergency services are never out of reach, even when natural disasters impact networks and damage cell towers.

This groundbreaking trial demonstrates the power of satellite technology and advances Telus’ mission to bring vital connectivity to every area of Canada. This collaboration with TerreStar and Skylo lays the foundation for a world where everyone has access to potentially life-saving connectivity, and businesses and institutions can operate more sustainably and efficiently in remote regions. Through this innovative technology, we look forward to ensuring even more Canadians are able to connect with what matters most,” Darren Entwistle, president and CEO of Telus said in a statement.