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Sateliot Partners With Sensefinity for Satellite-Enabled IoT Cargo Tracking 

By Rachel Jewett | January 19, 2023
Rendering of Sateliot on orbit concept.

Rendering of Sateliot on orbit concept. Photo: Sateliot

Satellite IoT startup Sateliot is working with industrial IoT company Sensefinity for cargo tracking. The companies said they are launching technology with 1,000 smart containers connected via satellite. 

Sensefinity will use Sateliot’s satellite constellation and connectivity to track cargo containers when they are outside cellular networks. This will allow the company to report the location, temperature, humidity, vibration and container breach in real-time. This can be useful in a variety of instances like if a container falls into the ocean, alerting for fires inside containers, warning for cold-chain breaks for sensitive cargo. 

“Our technology will help the international shipping industry to overcome cargo damage, which costs a yearly estimate of $6 billion, reducing complaints and lawsuits, and also food waste and carbon emissions. Maritime shipping businesses will grow in a sustainable way, allowing an increase in revenue while caring for the planet,” commented Sensefinity CEO Orlando Remédios.