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Avanti Awarded Long Term Contract from Sematron, Will Support Broadcast with Ka-band

By Caleb Henry | May 25, 2016
Sematron Avanti Broadcast

Photo: Sematron

[Via Satellite 05-25-2016] Avanti Communications has entered a new, long-term contract with Sematron. Based in the United Kingdom and operating globally, Sematron is a content delivery company specializing in IP connectivity, video broadcast and distribution.

With access to dedicated capacity across the entire Avanti Hylas fleet of satellites, Sematron will provide a major U.K. national broadcaster with high speed Ka-band satellite news gathering facilities, such as outside broadcast vehicles, across the entire country. David Williams, CEO of Avanti, hailed the deal as significant not only for Sematron, but also as a major breakthrough for “Ka-band satellite technology to become mainstream in outside broadcasting.” In an interview with Via Satellite last year, Williams hinted at video becoming a larger opportunity for Avanti, which otherwise primarily focuses on broadband services.