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Finding the Right Rocket Fit for Your Unique Payload Pt 1

By Staff Writer | September 1, 2022

      In response to both modern satellites’ increasingly diverse components, sizes, and target orbits and the widening range of requirements from satellite operators, commercial launch companies are working to make their rockets more flexible and capable over a broader range of services. This group discussion brings these launch service providers together to talk about how and why they are doing this. The conversation will include both new rockets in development and add-ons or enhancements to existing rockets to serve more customers. You’ll be surprised by how much today’s workhorse launch vehicles can do!


      • Curt Blake, CEO, Spaceflight
      • Emmanuel Franc, Chief Commercial Officer, Arianespace
      • Stefan Brieschenk, COO, Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA)
      • Moderator: Jeffrey Hill, Executive Editor, Via Satellite & Chair, SATELLITE

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