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O3B Networks Signs First Gateway Service Deal in Greece

By Staff Writer | August 24, 2010

      European Media Port (EMP) will be the first provider of gateway teleport services for O3b Networks after the companies signed a long-term agreement that allows for the provision of a range of O3b services from EMP’s Nemea Teleport in Greece, the two companies announced Aug. 4.
          O3b will install multiple 7.3-meter Ka-band gateway antennas at the Nemea facility enabling low latency, high-speed IP services to customer end remote terminals. On the ground, the gateway initially will support the provision of speeds of more than 12 gigabits per second throughput serving up to 10 spot beams simultaneously.
          O3b will link its Gigabit IP network connectivity and bandwidth services through the teleport to clients in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. O3b plans for EMP’s teleport to be the first of multiple sites that will enable O3b to provide global network and connectivity services, the company said.
          O3b has been working since its foundation in 2007 to bring Internet access to developing markets through a next-generation network that combines the reach of satellite with the speed of fiber.
      Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.