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Dnepr Places TerraSAR-X Into Orbit

By | June 18, 2007

      A Russian Dnepr rocket operated by Kosmotras lifted Germany’s TerraSAR-X radar satellite into orbit June 15, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Kosmotras announced.

      TerraSAR-X, manufactured by EADS Astrium under contract to the DLR, is the first German satellite to be built under a public-private partnership. The DLR contributed 102 million euros ($135.7 million) to the program, while EADS Astrium invested 28 million euros ($37.3 million).

      The development of the ground segment and the cost for five years of operations is expected to be 55 million euros ($73.2 million), with the DLR responsible for 45 million euros ($59.9 million). Infoterra GmbH, a subsidiary created by EADS Astrium to market the radar data collected by TerraSAR-X commercially, will contribute the remaining 10 million euros ($13.3 million).

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