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NASA, Other Space Agencies, Release Space Exploration Strategy

By | June 4, 2007

      NASA and other space agencies released a plan for coordinated exploration of space.

      The American space agency was joined by those of 13 other nations as they continued space exploration discussions.

      Titled “The Global Exploration Strategy: The Framework for Coordination,” the new plan reflects a shared vision of space exploration focused on solar system destinations where humans may someday live and work, according to NASA.

      The framework document allows for establishing a voluntary, non-binding mechanism by which space agencies can exchange information on their respective space exploration plans.

      This coordination mechanism will play a key role in helping to identify gaps, overlaps and synergies in the space exploration plans of participating agencies, according to NASA.

      The framework document is an important step in an evolving process toward a comprehensive global approach to space exploration.

      Although the document is non-binding, its contents are consistent with ongoing bilateral and multilateral discussions that NASA intends to lead toward cooperative agreements for specific projects.

      The other space agencies participating are those of Australia, Canada, China, the European Space Agency, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, the Republic of Korea and Ukraine.

      Many participants just concluded a meeting in Spineto, Italy, to discuss development of the coordination mechanism and other issues.

      The document is available at:

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