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BAE Assembles Team Seeking Ares 1 Avionics Contract

By | May 21, 2007

      BAE Systems formed a team of contractors to help it win an avionics contract for avionics in the next-generation Ares I crew launch rocket.

      The Orion crew exploration vehicle to be built by Lockheed Martin Corp. [LMT], lofted by the Ares lifter, in 2015 will begin to fly, replacing the space shuttle fleet retiring in 2010.

      NASA will select the prime contractor for a key part of the Ares I system later this year.

      With BAE Systems as prime contractor, its team includes United Space Alliance, General Dynamics Corp. [GD], Harris Corp., Goodrich Corp., Wyle Laboratories, Arcata Associates. Inc., Barrios Technology and AURA Instrumentation.

      Additional small businesses will be added to the BAE team over the next few weeks.

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