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Iran Launches Missile From Submarine

By | August 28, 2006

      Iran launched what appeared to be a long-range missile from a submarine in the Persian Gulf, although the missile traveled but a short distance before successfully striking a target, according to news reports.

      Iran is touting the missile as domestically produced, claiming that the weapon possesses both high speed and radar-evading stealth.

      The ability to launch a missile from underwater would give Iran a new capability.

      This launch, during war games, comes as the United Nations may consider a move to sanction Iran for its obstinate continuation of a nuclear fuel enrichment program.

      While Iran claims the fuel would be used merely for peaceful purposes, generating electricity, Western nations fear it will be used to produce nuclear weapons.

      As well, Iran has made advances in missile capability, possessing systems capable of ranges up to 1,200 miles. It is not clear, however, that the missile launched from the submarine would be capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.

      Concerns have been increased still further by statements from Iranian leaders that Israel should be destroyed.

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