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Navicom Unveils Battery-Powered Unit

By | November 1, 2004

      A new portable Global Positioning System (GPS) unit with as much as 300 percent more battery power will be available commercially this month through Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Automotive Capital Group Inc. [AOCP], a wholly owned subsidiary of Navicom Inc.

      The Navicom business unit offers GPS tracking technology that works in 98 percent of the United States, Canada and Mexico. The target market appears to be civilian, law- enforcement and homeland-security users.

      The new product, named Navicom 2, will be available through Navicom and its distributors later this quarter. The product will be sold individually and a monthly service plan will apply depending on requirements by the subscriber.

      Navicom’s new portable unit attaches via a special harness underneath a vehicle for tracking by law enforcement. It can be programmed in minutes to alert monitors to excessive speed, geo-fence boundaries and panic-button situations via email, fax, phone or text messaging.

      (Scott Miller, Navicom, 480/941-5725)

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