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DigitalGlobe Launches New EPA Compliance Product

By | July 29, 2004

      DigitalGlobe released a new information product it says will help various government and private entities measure and manage storm-water runoff and help support the compliance of storm-water management regulations as required by the Environmental Protection Agency. The product, DGStormWater, uses satellite images from DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite to calculate the impervious surface area of a property to help assess storm water-related user fees as well as to contribute to the assessment of flood risks and the protection of habitats from erosion and pollution.

      While the application may not be as sexy or as headline-grabbing as, say, the promise of satellite broadband to help bridge the digital divide, it demonstrates the unique perspective satellites can provide in helping not only government officials do their work for tax-assessment purposes, but in helping private companies in their site-development planning and management.

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