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Boeing Wins Launch Contact For Next-generation DigitalGlobe Satellite

By | March 30, 2004

      Boeing [BA] once again has been selected to launch a satellite for DigitalGlobe to support the Colo.-based company’s expanding space-imaging business.

      The first opportunity occurred in October 2001, when Boeing launched DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite. This contract calls for Boeing to use its Delta II rocket for DigitalGlobe’s next-generation satellite, WorldView.

      The launch of WorldView is scheduled to take place at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., no later than 2006. Boeing also is partnering with DigitalGlobe to provide technical work for various support functions of the new WorldView satellite system.

      Will Trafton, vice president and general manager of Boeing Expendable Launch Systems, said, “The successful launch of QuickBird in 2001 established DigitalGlobe as a major player in the commercial satellite imaging market. We are looking forward to providing another successful launch and ensuring that their business continues to grow and prosper.”

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