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AXONN Announces Agreement With BCM

By | March 24, 2004

      AXONN, a New Orleans, La.-based wireless data company, entered into an agreement that calls for the distribution of its AXTracker satellite-based tracking system in Europe through United Kingdom-based BCM, a company that provides communication network services for the freight and transportation industry.

      The AXTracker can locate cargo accurately, while offering long battery operation, an internal antenna and up to four alarm contact closure inputs to monitor doors. AXTracker also operates with the satellite-based Globalstar Simplex Data Service, a “relatively new” one-way data service that currently serves the United States, Canada and the Middle East, said Gary Naden, AXONN’s vice president of engineering and business development. AXONN also is planning to begin helping Globalstar extend its data service into Europe in the near future, he added.

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