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Hughes Promotes Internet Protocol Standard

By | March 4, 2004

      Hughes Network Systems [GMH], a Germantown, Md.-based satellite broadband network services provider, will promote the implementation of the IPoS (Internet Protocol over Satellite) standard through a multi-tiered licensing program that would be available to all system and industry providers.

      “HNS is committed to open standards and is proud to have actively contributed to the development of the IPoS standard,” said Pradman Kaul, chairman and CEO of Hughes. Many other technology company’s also have endorsed IPoS as a superior industry standard.

      IPoS is the only industry standard optimized to deliver satellite broadband service, Hughes officials said. Indeed, all applications from e-mail to web browsing can be delivered more cost-effectively through an IPoS standard, said Mike Cook, senior vice president and general manager of the Hughes SpaceWay broadband project.