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Sirius To Provide Traffic and Weather Service

By | February 27, 2004

      Sirius Satellite Radio [SIRI], a New York City-based satellite-radio provider, will offer around-the-clock traffic and weather reports for the top 20 markets. The reports will begin Feb. 29 with New York City and Los Angeles on Sirius stream 150.

      The service, called Sirius First Traffic, will try to set itself apart by using local traffic reporters who can suggest shortcuts and re-routes. Subscribers won’t pay any premium beyond the standard $12.95/month charge.

      By the end of March, traffic and weather also will be provided in 20 cities that include Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco-San Jose, Boston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Seattle, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Miami and Baltimore.

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