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Iridium Introduces New Distress Signals For Ships

By | February 13, 2004

      Arlington, Va.-based Iridium Satellite has introduced a new range of maritime satellite communication services aimed at helping ship owners cost-effectively meet new International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for ship security and alert systems (SSAS).

      The IMO’s new SSAS regulations are intended to enhance maritime security in response to a rising threat from terrorism and piracy. The regulations require most deep-sea passenger and cargo ships to be fitted with a device by July 1 that could send a message containing the ship’s ID and position when a vessel is under threat. The distress message must be activated covertly from a switch on the ship’s navigation bridge or another shipboard location. The signal then would be transmitted only to a designated authority, without being received on other ships or raising an alarm on the ship under attack.

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