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Satlynx, Cisco To Offer Satellite/Wi-Fi Services

By | January 27, 2004

      Satlynx and Cisco Systems [Nasdaq: CSCO] are teaming to offer high-speed Internet service via satellite/WiFi technology. Luxembourg-based Satlynx will contribute its two-way broadband services, and San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco will provide WiFi wireless local area network technology. The joint project aims to support the distribution and sharing of broadband data between numerous locations and user groups in areas that are remote and not well equipped by ADSL or cable.

      In practice, the implementation of satellite + WiFi technology is achieved by connecting Satlynx’s satellite terminals for the transmission and reception of data to Cisco’s Wi- Fi equipment. This allows users within the local coverage area to wirelessly connect, via a standard 802.11b interface, to the Internet at broadband speed. The two companies have already tested the service in France with France Télécom and in Spain with NeoSky.

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