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Samsung Jumps upon the Satellite Bandwagon With 5G NTN Modem Technology

By Mark Holmes | February 23, 2023

      Photo: Samsung

      Samsung is the latest big-name electronics manufacturer to look to develop a satellite-based capability. In a major announcement on Feb. 23, the electronics giant said it had secured standardized 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN) modem technology for direct communication between smartphones and satellites, especially in remote areas. Samsung plans to integrate this technology into the company’s Exynos modem solutions, accelerating the commercialization of 5G satellite communications and paving the way for the 6G-driven Internet of Everything  era.

      For highly reliable NTN communication with Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, Samsung has developed and simulated 5G NTN standard-based satellite technology using its Exynos Modem 5300 reference platform to accurately predict satellite locations and minimize frequency offsets caused by the Doppler shift. Based on this technology, Samsung’s future Exynos modems will support two-way text messaging as well as high-definition image and video sharing.

      Samsung also plans to secure a standardized NB-IoT NTN technology for use in its next-generation modem platforms. With integrated satellite connectivity, Samsung’s NB-IoT solutions will eliminate the need for a separate high-power wireless antenna chip inside smartphones, providing mobile device makers with much greater design flexibility.

      It marks an interesting shift in the satellite industry. In the matter of months, Apple and Samsung, two of the world’s biggest consumer electronics companies, have announced major moves in satellite.