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Rock Seven Releases New Dual-Mode Tracker for Light Aircraft

By Kendall Russell | June 13, 2017
      RockAir mounted on a dashboard. Photo: Rock Seven.

      RockAir mounted on a dashboard. Photo: Rock Seven.

      Iridium satcom specialist Rock Seven has unveiled RockAir, the latest addition to its global tracking technology portfolio. RockAir delivers regular Global Positioning System (GPS) location reports from anywhere in the world over the Iridium satellite network or Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), helping to improve flight safety by accurately tracking the location of a light aircraft at user defined intervals.

      According to Rock Seven, RockAir is the only dashboard-mounted tracking system to offer dual-mode functionality over satcom and cellular networks. The solution provides lower-cost GSM based tracking when in cellular range, and failover to an Iridium satellite when outside of built-up area. GPS coordinates are automatically transmitted using whichever network is available and most cost effective.

      RockAir can automatically transmit a GPS position as often as every 15 seconds, or as infrequently as once every 24 hours, configured by the user. The unit also allows tracking profiles to be set up to enable faster rates if the integrated alert button has been pressed, if external power is applied, or if cellular data is being used rather than satellite. RockAir also features a “Watch Me” feature, accessible via the keypad, which informs the provider that more active monitoring is required for a period of time. Users can send and receive short emails and text messages using the free (iOS/Android) companion app over Bluetooth.

      The device also features a RS-232 port, which can be used for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data, enabling users to connect sensors and computing platforms to the internet. A Bluetooth Application Programming Interface (API) allows light aircraft owners or technology developers to create their own apps that make use of the connectivity RockAir provides.