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Globalstar, VehSmart Prep for Major Ecuadorian Satellite Tracking Project

By | May 23, 2014
      Globalstar Ecuador

      Globalstar’s SmartOne satellite tracker. Photo: Globalstar

      [Via Satellite 05-23-2014] Globalstar is working with the government of Ecuador on a first-time pilot project to equip 4,000 small fishing boats with satellite tracking devices. Through its Value Added Reseller (VAR) VehSmart, the company will outfit vessels with SmartOne satellite transmitters so fishermen and women can react to dangerous situations including piracy.

      The SmartOne satellite transmitters will link to Ecuador’s National Emergency Response System and come with a panic button to discreetly call for rescue. During 2013, the Ecuadorian government replaced 370 stolen boat motors, as pirates target fishers to steal these assets, leaving them stranded at sea. Globalstar’s SmartOne can send an SOS and also rapidly alert emergency personnel.

      “Through the implementation of satellite tracking devices, fishermen will feel better protected with a greater level of security,” said Ecuador’s Vice Minister of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Guillermo Morán.

      In addition to providing rescue services, the satellite devices will aid in monitoring fishing patterns. Ecuador will be able to use this data to prevent overfishing and protect exclusionary zones such as the unique and extremely bio-diverse waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands.

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