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CNES Selects Infinite Orbits to Lead 2 GEO Servicing Missions 

By Rachel Jewett | June 28, 2024

Infinite Orbits GEO servicer Endurance. Photo: Infinite Orbits

French space agency CNES has selected a consortium led by Infinite Orbits, with Telespazio France, to conduct two satellite servicing missions in Geostationary Orbit (GEO). CNES ordered a life extension mission and an inspection mission, both funded by the French government under the “France 2030” economic incentive plan. 

Infinite Orbits said in a recent press release the first mission will use its Endurance vehicle, a 750 kg docking servicer. Endurance will perform a docking on an active end-of-life commercial telecommunication satellite, provide station-keeping for 5 years and manage its end-of-life disposal in the graveyard orbit.

In the second mission, a smaller, 50 kg Orbit Guard servicer, equipped with electric propulsion will demonstrate a proximity inspection of Meteosat 8, a non-operational EUMETSAT satellite. 

Infinite Orbits, based in Toulouse, France, recently raised 12 million euros ($12.9 million) in its first financing round. Earlier this year, the company also signed a deal with Hispasat for a GEO life extension mission.