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Netcracker Unveils IT Solution for Satellite Operators

By Mark Holmes | June 11, 2024

      Photo: Netcracker

      Netcracker Technology, an IT/telecoms solution company, is launching its Digital Satellite Solution, which it believes will create a blueprint for multi-orbit IT to transform how satellite operators manage, optimize, and monetize their business. With this solution, Netcracker aims to help operators guarantee the best service quality, deliver a premium digital engagement to their customers and expand their business with any offer to any customer worldwide. Netcracker announced the launch of the solution on June 11.

      The solution incorporates an operations environment with real-time service inventory and topology, multi-domain service orchestration, dynamic SLA management and AI-assurance that aims to guarantee optimal service quality across space and terrestrial networks at all times. The Digital BSS environment will provide advanced CPQ, omnichannel digital engagement with self-service, a unified product catalog, flexible charging and billing schemes and advanced partner management to accommodate any type of customer or partner across the globe. Netcracker Digital Satellite Solution is built on a cloud-native foundation and is embedded with AI to with the aim to maximize service quality and optimize costs.

      “We have been working very closely with our satellite operator customers for some time and have listened to their challenges and goals around delivering premium services with guaranteed SLAs along with the best customer experience. Our solution enables satellite providers to rapidly bring new offers to market and transform how they engage with their customers and partners while delivering the best service quality,” Bob Titus, CTO of Netcracker, said in a statement.