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Satixfy Selected Quantic-X Microwave for Modular RF Hardware on Beam-Hopping JoeySat

By Jeffrey Hill | July 26, 2023

Photo of JoeySat courtesy of ESA

Quantic X-Microwave confirmed Wednesday that it was contracted by satellite communications systems developer SatixFy to provide up/down converters for the fully regenerative digital processed payload it installed on-board “JoeySat,” one of 16 satellites that SpaceX successfully launched in May for OneWeb and the European Space Agency (ESA).

SatixFy utilized Quantic X-Microwave’s modular RF & microwave building blocks while developing its next-generation processed payload, which Quantic said reduced development time by more than 50%.

“We were able to quickly move from prototype to fully space-qualified flight production seamlessly. This was a win-win for all,” said Charlie Bloomfield, CEO of SatixFy Space Systems U.K. Ltd.

OneWeb co-developed JoeySat in partnership with ESA to test a beam-hopping capability which aims to allow its satellites to switch between different places on Earth and adjust the strength of the communications signals based on customer needs or demands.