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Intellian Releases Details on Latest Flat Panel Terminals

By Lauren McCaffrey | March 14, 2023

      Intellian reveals a new flat panel antenna. Photo: Intellian

      Intellian Technologies released details on their latest electronically scanned array (ESA) technology on Monday, March 13, at SATELLITE 2023. The full-duplex ESA user terminal will operate on the OneWeb satellite network, with production slated to commence in the third quarter 2023.

      The full-duplex user terminal, called OW11FL, features a low-profile weatherized antenna to deliver to enterprise customers. Intellian’s ESA product is designed to provide connectivity for remote communities and minimal infrastructure, through cellular backhaul solutions and installations on critical first responder vehicles.

      Intellian also announced two new customer user terminals designed exclusively for SES’s O3b mPOWER communication system. The new mP85 and mP240 terminals are expected to be delivered this year. They are designed for SES’s telecommunications, enterprise, and cloud customers.

      Eric Sung, president and CEO at Intellian Technologies, said: “This milestone is a testament to our position as a leading technological innovator within the satcoms industry. By keeping production in-house at our state-of-the-art facilities, Intellian is able to deliver exceptional quality-assured products with scale and control over our supply chain.”