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Morpheus Space and Kayhan Space Collaborate for Collision Avoidance Subscription 

By Rachel Jewett | November 21, 2022

Kayhan Space Pathfinder collision avoidance platform. Photo: Kayhan Space

Propulsion company Morpheus Space and space situational awareness company Kayhan Space recently announced a strategic partnership to offer a collision avoidance service with Morpheus Space propulsion with built-in Kayhan Space Pathfinder software. 

It is a pay-as-you-go subscription with preemptive collision avoidance and on-orbit maneuver options. The companies said operators can purchase Delta-V fuel and complete Kayhan-recommended collision avoidance, orbit-raising, or station-keeping maneuvers without the upfront costs of the propulsion system hardware aboard the satellite.

The companies said “some of the largest operators in LEO” were involved in developing the service and will deploy it on satellite missions in 2023. 

“Morpheus Space has developed an affordable and accessible full-stack mobility solution that makes satellites more agile, intelligent and safe with Kayhan’s Pathfinder spaceflight safety software seamlessly integrated with our in-space mobility systems,” said Daniel Bock, Morpheus CEO. “The core focus of our partnership with Kayhan Space is lowering the risk and cost barriers to safe space operations by making smart maneuverability and collision avoidance capabilities simple and seamless to use as part of our on-demand and subscription-based mobility solutions.”